Public Health Preparedness Capabilities Planning Model

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The public health sector can best survive various threats through effective planning through which realistic goals are established. Essentially, public health preparedness and planning requires a strong understanding of citizens’ needs at all levels. The state of Michigan achieves this health requirement though the state’s Division of Emergency Preparedness & Response (DEPR) along with the division’s collaboration with tribal governments and local health departments. This report focuses on the Public Health Preparedness Capabilities Planning Model. The report is based on the state of Michigan in which it assesses the organizational roles and responsibilities, resource elements, and performance. Currently, the state of Michigan ensures…show more content…
In addition, training is offered to health practitioners to enhance their skills. Regarding the performance towards the public health sector and health preparedness, the state government of Michigan ensures that all hospitals in the state work towards incorporating activities that would ensure that beds and services remain at least 20% beyond the daily capacity needs (Michigan Department of Health & Human Services, 2016). The state government has also ensured that life support agencies and hospitals develop, exercise, and refine plans for handling any influx of patients, especially in times of emergency (Michigan Department of Health & Human Services, 2016). The state government of Michigan operates with a view of meeting various goals and objectives. Nevertheless, it public health preparedness program is not the best in the country. As such, there are gaps in its public health preparedness program compared to other states. For instance, the state government needs to improve on the jurisdiction The constitution of the United States considers states as the primary actors in providing public health services to the citizens (Cox, 2007). In this regard, it implies that the state government of Michigan is responsible for protecting its people equally by offering them with security and protection benefits. As such, the general welfare of the citizens is a primary concern. As
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