Public Opinion of the Affordable Care Act

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Nearly two years ago the enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was signed into place by President Obama. This signature placed by President Obama has never rested especially well with the American public. As to be expected, the views on health care laws are colored by partisanship. Overall, the opinions towards the health car law have wavered slightly since the passing in March of 2010, and support has yet to reach favorable in 2014.
Role of Public Opinion

Even with the public being well aware of the elements of the health care law, particularly individual mandates, there is still a lack of understanding of it. According to Pinto (2013), 41 percent of Americans felt they had a good understanding of what the new law entailed, but even after two years and implementation the number has increased just six points to 47 percent. The purpose behind public opinion was to make more affordable health care insurance for uninsured citizens originally (Pinto, 2013). Supporters of the Affordable Care Act believed that government run insurance companies could successfully lower rates by using greater leverage than the private industry (Pinto, 2013). Supporters of such public plans, believed that a small set of companies had control for local health insurance markets. Having such public opinion at such a huge national level meant insurance companies would cooperate. Many Democratic Politicians were publically in favor of public opinion for many reasons

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