Public Relations Chairm An Overview

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Public Relations Chairman – An Overview The Public Relations Chairman promotes good relations with the chapter’s publics, projects the chapter’s positive reputation by evaluating chapter activities for positive public relations and educates the chapter about the importance of positive public relations. Role of Public Relations Chairman: ➢ Supervise the Public Relations Program. ➢ Act as the steward of chapter’s positive reputation. ➢ Serve as a role model to the rest of the chapter. ➢ Represent what the chapter and the Fraternity stand for to others on campus and in the community. Responsibilities of Public Relations Chairman and the Committee: ➢ Serve as chairman of the Public Relations Committee, which consists of: • Public Relations…show more content…
➢ Create Public Relations Program involving all aspects of chapter activities. Work with Chapter Council, the Public Relations Committee and chapter members to identify specific ways to promote chapter and member successes. ➢ Present a program annually in the fall to address the public reputation of the chapter: • Personal and group behavior and how they relate to each other. • Chapter’s current image on campus. • Chapter’s publics affected by the reputation of the chapter and its members. • Importance of maintaining appropriate content on social networking sites. • Review social media guidelines. • Chapter’s leadership strengths on campus, highlighting members who have been leaders on campus. ➢ Publicize successes: • Write and produce annual chapter newsletter: o Fosters communication with alumnae and keep them in touch with their chapter. o Serves as a permanent record of the chapter’s year and as part of the chapter history. • Consider in publishing the newsletter: o Calendar — publish annually, at least once per academic year, with the issue date determined by the chapter. o Cost — consider an electronic newsletter for alumnae. o Circulation. o Content includes: – Chapter news – Campus life and trends – Recruitment information – Advisory Board and/or House Board news and
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