Public Relations Plan for Association of American Medical Colleges

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Public Relations Plan for Association of American Medical Colleges Introduction of the Association of American Medical Colleges Located in Washington, D.C. the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) was founded in 1876. The AAMC is a non-profit organization that serves the public interest of representing accredited medical schools, teaching hospitals as well as health systems. A non-profit is an organization that is tax-exempt and serves the public in either a charitable or education manner. AAMC also conducts business with the Department of Veteran Affairs medical centers and other academic and scientific societies. AAMC administers the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) which is a standardized exam used determine the …show more content…

Negative Publicity Rains Upon AAMC Hired in 1998, Ephonia M. Green was hired to work at Association of American Medical College as an administrative assistant employee. Ms. Green’s yearly salary earned her approximately $56,000 a year however she is charged with stealing more than $5 million from AAMC over a period of 12 years until the fraud was discovered in July 2013. Ms. Green’s access to submitting invoices for payments through AAMC allowed her to create a scheme that would catapult her well over her yearly salary. Ms. Green created company names that were similar to legitimate vendors of AAMC in which she then registered those trade names with the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation. She then created fictitious invoices for those companies as actual vendors of AAMC. Using the names that she created, she then opened bank accounts at several local banks. These financial institutions would serve as personal businesses used to receive payment in which she would personally profit from. As an employee of AAMC, Ms. Green reviewed the false invoices and signed off on them which indicated to the accounting department those invoices were approved for payment. Ms. Green also advised with each invoice that the checks generated to pay the invoice, should be returned directly to her versus mailing them out to the fictitious vendor. The accounting department had no way of knowing the vendors

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