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Gabriella DeFina Mr. McGilly ENG 3U1 Friday, May 13, 2016 Time to Reconsider Publicly Funding Catholic Schools In Toronto alone there are about 800 schools of all grade levels. Within these 800, approximately 200 of them are catholic, thereby meaning about 25% of schools in Toronto are catholic. This poses the question: Why Catholics? Why does the government choose this religion to publically fund as an individual board? It could relate to back in the 1600s when the world was pretty much an Oligarchy of Theocracy. However, it is now the 21st century and the world does not work like that anymore. Although prevalent, Catholicism is not what it used to be. Nowadays, it is more a personal choice rather than the societal norm. In…show more content…
Why did our ancestors decide it was necessary to have religion and education as a combined learning environment? This can be traced back to the settlement of the British and French. This is an indication that Canada has always been a constant battle between protestant and catholic. Evidently, the British prevailed, this is the beginning of a country devoted to Christianity, or was. The world is not what it used to be, people do not surround their lives around religion anymore, especially youth. There are so many other pressing topics that are circulating the world today that religion is no longer in the spotlight. Therefore, since times are changing rapidly, education systems should follow. Realistically speaking, students are not as devoted Catholics as the Catholic school expects them to be. As someone who has been in a catholic school for my entire life, it is fair to say that my peers do not take the religious aspects of Catholic schools seriously. Mass has commonly become an excuse to skip and sleep in or do other assignments. Religion is considered a “joke class” that students do not care about. Prayers on the announcements have become a great way to waste class time or it is simply boring. Catholics who created the initial catholic schools would be rolling in their graves at the disrespect students give to catholic schools. It is evident that religion no longer fits into the norm of schools. There should be a time and place
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