Public Services And Social Care

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Personalisation is when the public services and social care in an entirely different way. They do this by starting with the person rather than the service; it will require the transformation of adult Social Care. There is going to be new legislation brought in 2013 for mental health issues based on autonomy, this is respecting the individual Capacity to decide and act on his own and his rights and to subject to restraint by others. Justice, this is to the law is equal; therefore if a person with learning disabilities or mental health disorder should retain the same rights and entitlement as others. Benefits, this is a way of acting in the individual best interest and finally least harm this is when treatment and care must be provided in the least invasive manner in the least restrictive environment with the delivery of safe care. Personalisation help give the individual access to information and advice, it is also about giving people choice and control over their lives. Which gives the individual more independence, therefore increases their self-esteem and self-worth. However personalisation is not about just giving the individual money and the ability to make choices about how people live their lives and not be restricted it those who live their lives in their own homes. The benefits of personalisation is that it can give Service Users dignity, as the use of direct payments, it will allow the Service User to access social networks and promote independence in a setting
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