Public Services Unit 8 P1 P2 M1

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The Impact of War and Conflict on Public Services

All of war and conflict impacts heavily on public services. This is especially true for the armed services as they are usually on the frontlines when it comes to trying to resolve conflict and bring peace.
War is normally defined as a state of open, often prolonged, armed conflict between two or more groups, usually nations, states or other parties. Wars are usually begun through the clash of interests between the different groups such as territory or resources. Before a war can officially begin the groups involved usually have a formal declaration of war to make the citizens aware that there is a war.
Although all wars are conflicts, not all conflicts are wars. Conflicts don’t always …show more content…

These mere disagreements can then lead to conflict between the groups with contrasting ideas.
Some resources are so valuable and are becoming so rare that countries will fight over them. Examples of these resources include gas, oil and even water. Since these resources are pretty much immobile and can’t be moved it means that countries have to take complete control of the area in which these resources are located. If this area

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