Public Speaking Speech

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Today, we will be speaking about my personal goals when it comes to public speaking and what I hope to gain from the course I am taking at John Jay College through Borough of Manhattan Community College. Personally, I believe to set a goal for myself can be very open-ended, with the various outcomes there are when learning to communicate fluidly as well as speak in public. Depending on the size of the crowd or the content of my particular speech and my goal at the end of each speech. To encompass all of my personal goals, it would be easiest to say that I would like to have a better grasp of communication in general and to be able to express my personal thoughts and ideas in a way that is crystal clear to the receiving party. These may seem like small things to many, but for someone like myself who often struggles with getting my point across in a succinct way it is rather important.
When it comes to public speaking, the goal above all would definitely be getting over my anxiety and stage fright when it comes to public speaking. If we are being completely honest, these negative feelings about giving a speech come from the possibility of having a less than desirable reaction to what you’re expressing, correct? More often than not, I find myself thinking of ways to not think about the crowd. Many performers have had to overcome stage fright and I wanted to research just how they did it. When you actually sit down and give it some thought, many of your favorite singers

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