Pug Research Paper

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A pug is playful, friendly, and stubborn they are also fun to have around . The pug is a medium sized dog, it is not too big and not too small. A pug sheds a lot and has short hair, it sheds so much because the dog has two layers of fur and the bottom grows pushing the outer layer out. It also eats a lot , like at least twice a day and treats now and then and weighs from 14-18 pounds. A pug can also adapt to a small environment because they are a smallish breed of dog. It is stubborn and sorta hard to train. It doesn't bark a lot but when it does it sounds like a yodle or a yip if there excited. Pugs also get along with kids but they recommend watching them play so nothing happens. A cool fact about a pug is, it means fist because it’s
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