Purchasing Firearms from Walmart

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Because Walmart is the largest firearms seller in the United States would gun violence decrease if Walmart eliminated the ease of access to such assault rifles? The Research Design Determine the most appropriate research design. Why two research design were selected and why two were not selected? What data collections instruments will be used? Survey? Interview? Other? I may select a qualitative and quantitative design only because the two together address different parts of the problem and together provide a richer, more multi-faceted response than either alone would. The qualitative aspect would give me an in-depth, rich perspective and allow me to plumb one aspect further whilst the quantitative investigation would base the investigation on a scientific, objective purview. More so, I can use the qualitative model to plumb for certain speculations. The quantitative aspect would then build on, and test, those speculations. The two together would be called a triangulated approach. Qualitative The qualitative instrument would be a focus group where I may convene two groups of approximately 25 individuals - one would be connected to Wal-Mart and be for selling firearms. The other would be opposed to selling firearms. I would practice a phenomenological approach in listening to their reason both for and against selling the arms. Quantitative My quantitative approach would be a survey of clients who buy firearms from Wal-Mart. I would ask them their reasons for
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