Essay on Qualitative and Quantitative Research

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Qualitative and Quantitative study designs both can be beneficial in research design. They both provide valuable options for researchers in the field. These techniques can either be used separately in a research study or they can be combined to achieve maximum information. This paper will define the terms qualitative and quantitative; describe the similarities and differences between each; discuss how qualitative and/or quantitative research designs or techniques could be used in the evaluation of my proposed research; and discuss why linking analysis to study design is important. Quantitative studies are primarily numbers based. They deal with large cohort groups as well as analyze large amounts of data. “A quantitative…show more content…
When both research designs are used together, more information can be gathered. Mixed methodology uses the numerical portion of the quantitative study design in combination with the descriptive aspect of the qualitative study. There are many similarities between these two designs, which make them compatible with each other. “Whilst quantitative research may be mostly used for testing theory it can also be used for exploring an area and generating hypotheses and theory. Similarly qualitative research can be used for testing hypotheses and theories even though it is mostly used for theory generation” (Hughes, 2006). Both of these designs may be similar with testing theory, they are also similar in the tools that they use and how the data is analyzed. “Qualitative data often includes quantification (eg statements such as more than, less than, most as well as specific numbers). Quantitative (ie questionnaire) approaches can collect qualitative data through open ended questions” (Hughes, 2006). These similarities are what make these two study designs compatible for each other. There are also some differences between these study designs, which may cause some problems for the inexperienced researcher. “Quantitative research is objective; qualitative research is subjective. Quantitative research seeks explanatory laws; qualitative research aims at
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