Puritan Beliefs Disadvantages

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Advantages of Puritan beliefs outnumber the disadvantages; a couple of which include unity, loyalty, and discipline. erican Revolution was a moment in time where a large amount of people band up for a common goal. For the Colonial rebels, this was to be freed from British control. The same could be said for Puritan belief and morals. These religious people work very hard every day and attend church every Sunday, all for the God they all worship, love, and adore. Much like those involved in the Revolution, all members are giving their all towards a single goal. Why? Because they strongly believe in what they’re doing it for, and aren’t willing to accept an alternative. They band together to please the all-powerful being. Someone who’s willing to work together in order to reach a goal is highly regarded, and this can translate into communities being very effective at carrying out tasks, and nations functioning without any problems. Puritanism unites people and makes the world better because of this trait. Some non-puritans will say that different will do the opposite effect, driving people apart because of different beliefs. However, while there may be some with opposing beliefs, there will always be a tolerance present in all groups, and will unify them through this mutual tolerance. Especially if Puritanism is an already established religion in a community or nation. The togetherness and unification thus creates trust.
Loyalty requires a special type of allegiance to

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