Purple Hibiscus Book Review Essay

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Purple Hibiscus- book review

Purple Hibiscus was written by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and it was published in 2003. The book is a kind of biography because the author uses her own childhood experience to tell the reader. The novel is presented through Kambili’s point of view. The title ‘’Purple Hibiscus’’ is connected to the story because is mean freedom. The novel show that the main character want to escape from the violent. Purple Hibiscus is a story about Kambili Achike, fifteen years old. Kambili is very shy and quiet girl. She lives with her father, mother and her brother. Her father is highly Catholic and he often violent his family. Under such circumstance Nigeria is coup by military and people come out and demonstrate the government. Kambili and her brother have lived in they Aunty house for a while there making them …show more content…

He is very rich businessman and kind person but at the same time he is a very strict Catholic. Inside of the house he is very strict and cruel to his family but outside of the house he is very generous person who often donate money to public and poor people. Mama Beatrice is the mother of Kambili and Jaja. She is very soft and quiet woman. She is also very passive while she was beating by her husband. After a long tolerant by her husband she can’t take it anymore so she poisons Eugene. After that incident she is broken. Aunty Ifeoma is papa Eugene sisters. She is very intelligent and independent person. Aunty Ifeoma is a teacher at the University of Nigeria. She is a single mom. Even she isn’t very rich the environment in her house is kind of free and happy. That why Kambili and Jaja like to stay there.

Father Amadi is a young priest who is very close to Aunty Ifeoma and her family. He is kind of new generation priest and he is intelligent. Kambili and father Amadi was fall in love each other but they can’t be together with Kambili because he devoted to be religious

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