Purple Hibiscus By A Nigerian Novelist And Short Story Writer

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The novel Purple Hibiscus was written by a woman named Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie who is a Nigerian novelist and short story writer. One of Adichie 's most prominent works is Purple Hibiscus. It tells the story of Kambili, a teenager growing up in Nigeria. Her family is very wealthy and she has a devoutly Catholic father named Eugene. Eugene is both physically and mentally abusive to his children and his wife. In the middle of the novel Kambili and her brother Jaja travel to their Aunt Ifeoma’s house. Kambili at first dislikes how different and liberal their household is but, soon grows very fond of her aunt and all her cousins. Later in the novel Kambili 's mother realizes that she can no longer take any more of the abuse and kills Papa by…show more content…
In the novel Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Kambili completes her journey from a young and docile child to an independent and strong women through the guidance, enlightenment and teachings of the three women most important to her: Aunty Ifeoma, Amaka and her mother, Beatrice. Aunty Ifeoma is unlike any of the women Kambili has ever met and she helps Kambili to become a stronger and more independent women. Aunty Ifeoma is Kambili 's Aunt on her father side. She lives in Nsukka with her three children: Obiora, Amaka and Chima, Kambili 's cousins. She works there as a professor at the University of Nigeria. Growing up Kambili did not really have much of a relationship with Aunty Ifeoma. She never really saw her or her cousins because Papa would never allow it. However, one summer Papa allows her and Jaja to go visit Aunty Ifeoma for a week and from there everything changes. Living there is a rude awakening for Kambili because things are so different from what they are like at home. There are no more uncomfortable silences or looming clouds of fear. Aunty Ifeoma teaches her to laugh more, not take things for granted and to speak for herself. She finally gets to start to act like a normal teenager and be free from Papa expectations. At first her cousin Amaka would take jabs and sneer at her because she thought she was a snob because of her upbringing, but when Amaka says something rude to Kambili Aunty Ifeoma responds with, “O

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