Purpose of Education Is to Help Students Learn on Their Own Essay

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Education is really aimed at helping students get to the point where they can learn on their own. . . " - Noam Chomsky

Education standards in New Zealand continue to be a large focus as the results from international assessments are released, showing that New Zealand has dropped substantially in all core subjects; where New Zealand used to lead the world in literacy they have now slipped to lag 13th from 7th, in maths 13th to 22nd and science 7th to 16th.These results lead many in the profession and the parents of today’s children posing the question; what is the purpose of education for the average New Zealand teenager and what is the cause of the fall in rankings. To rethink what is the best way to change the curriculum for the …show more content…

New Zealand government is unable to afford having every single citizen on the benefit, even though some like to pretend they can. Employment in New Zealand can be difficult, especially with the brain drain. Where educated New Zealanders continue to leave the country after completing university.But when looking at the intake of people coming to New Zealand there are more with degrees and bachelor's than those that are leaving.

Many believe the purpose of education is to create well rounded citizens who will one day bring world peace. Probably not anytime in the near future. The hidden curriculum, which is meant to develop social skills and the ability to communicate is not assessed but is an important thing within the curriculum. Especially since geographically we are quite isolated from other countries, the ability to communicate is very important. Aswell as be self management, resilience in a changing society and the ability to be creative.

Opportunities given by having an education. Having pieces of paper saying you are qualified for something supposedly makes you more qualified for the job. Education gives you opportunities especially depending on your strengths in a certain area. The better pay, the better the job, the belief that those that are educated have a better life, education gives more options and choices into what a person may want to do.The point of the curriculum and education is opportunities and the ability to

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