Pursuing A Higher Education At The United States

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Over the last half century, many things have changed for the people that want to pursue a higher education. The cost of attendance has incremented, the discovery of new courses, remodeling of courses, new majors have been added, technology has been implemented and campuses have been modernized. It has been the government 's responsibility in creating new paths to the middle class and ensuring the nation’s economic prosperity by opening the doors of higher education. The ultimate mission of the United States is to support the students in achieving an educational excellence. Today many believe that the purpose of college is simply to discourage those because of the high cost of tuition, levels of difficulty, and long term debts; however, plenty believe that college creates independency, employment benefits, social skills, investment, and satisfaction. College is an institution that has been designed worldwide to help people grow intellectually and prepare people for the sake of a nation’s future. In order for someone to fully develop, childhood to adulthood, an essential requirement is to be independent. College is home for many students and for a majority of them the word 'independence ' sounds very familiar. Once they start college their lives changes because they decide to live by themselves. Many students thank their college experiences because due to those they become more independent. From choosing major, picking a class, and how to use financial aid are decisions…
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