Cost Of Higher Education Essay

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Over the last half century, many things have changed for the people that want to pursue a higher education. The cost of attendance has incremented, the discovery of new courses, remodeling of courses, new majors have been added, technology has been implemented and campuses have been modernized. It has been the government 's responsibility in creating new paths to the middle class and ensuring the nation’s economic prosperity by opening the doors of higher education. The ultimate mission of the United States is to support the students in achieving an educational excellence. Today many believe that the purpose of college is simply to discourage those because of the high cost of tuition, levels of difficulty, and long term debts; however, …show more content…

"College work will challenge and inspire students; it helps students develop into mature, responsible, and independent adults by:
- Exploring subjects in greater depths. - Choosing own courses and class schedule. - Deciding on what extracurricular activities to do" (The College Board). Vast groups of student learn two ways of being independent an one is in their mind and the other is in a sense of supporting themselves without any help from anyone. Meanwhile there are many students that say that they are forced to become independent because of financial aid, and they add that because of it they face hardships and are still undergraduates. Despite all the diverse opinions of students, is their responsibility on how they manage time and situations. There has to be a balance of all the things they do in a semester. "Time is one of our most important resources. Effective time management is a skill most people need to make the most out of their personal and professional lives. To a college student, it can make the difference between a mediocre and a superior performance" (Managing Time For Success In College). What college does is prepare students to what they have to do in the rest of their lives. That transit of becoming an adult is triggered by becoming independent and college is that key for that transit, because one way or another; students face daily

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