Push And Pull Theories Of Tourism

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In this essay I will be going over the basic theories of tourism and travel. Hot topics of this essay range from tourist behaviors to my love for trains. As you read through the text, you will find me reflecting myself on the theories every now and then. Take everything I say with a grain of salt though, I have been studying this field for merely 2 months. 2. Tourist Types When it comes to specifying different kinds of tourists, there are few widely used models that make the identification process easier. These types are relevant because they help on planning the right services for different kinds of tourists now and in the future. 2.1 Plog’s Model Plog’s model could well be the best-known model for predicting the shifts and alternations in a tourist locations popularity. Plog suggests that there are two types of travelers, allocentrics and psychocentrics. …show more content…

Push and pull factors Push and pull factors are almost the same as motives, but not quite. They are the qualities and properties of designed destination and area of residence that make us want to travel. In brief, push factors are the reasons you want to or have to leave your home area. These are usually negative things like the climate, lack of culture and lack of social interaction. But they can be positive too. For example, due to your good performance at work you are rewarded with a week long beach holiday. For me the major push factors are climate and the lack of variety in general. Finland is the best country to be living in, but the climate can become distasteful from time to time. Finland’s summer is what it is, sometimes rainy, sometimes cold and sometimes even snowy. This isn’t even such a big problem for me. It’s much easier to name pull factors than push factors, in my case at least. My biggest pull factors in travelling are the outstanding natural wonders and destinations for snowboarding, cliff jumping and free diving. Foreign food, different people and animals also interest me a

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