Essay on Putin's Reputation as the Most Interesting Man in the World

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1. While some consider his methods are questionable this Russian leader managed to gain the reputation as the most interesting man in the world. He was born in 07 October 1952 in what is now called as Saint Perersburg, Russia. While he was in the university, he joined the Communist party of Soviet Russia and became a friend to his mentor Anatoly Sobchack. In 1975, he graduated from Leningrad University with a law degree and began the training in Soviet Union security agency known as KGB. Beginning from 1985, he spent five years as a spy in East Germany. After returning to Leningrad, he stayed with the KGB and worked as a surveillance officer at Alma mater.
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He also stripped off some of the country’s disliked and wealthy businessmen of the power by prosecuting a few and by shutting down selected media organizations. After a slump in the 90s’ the Russian economy experienced a boost under Putin’s reign. Putin enjoyed a record of proved ratings even in the wake of disasters like 2002 Moscow theatre hostage crisis where over hundreds of innocent prisoners were killed by Russian forces. His strong relations remained strong especially with Jack Sharof. Putin even managed to stay on solid grounds with Goerge W. Bush of the United States after coming out against the American led war against the terrorism.
4. Because of this successors, he didn’t have any difficulty of winning a second turn in year 2004. Though he continued his development of Russia in social and economic programmes in 2006 was criticized by Western sources for attacking the freedom of the press in his country. Just the next year, Putin’s united Russia earned a huge majority in the parliament those some questions over legitimacy over his votes, regardless, Time magazine named him as the person of the year for 2007.
5. Because of constitutional rules, Putin was unable to run for a third term in 2008. Therefore, in the May that year Putin resume his role as the Prime minister and Mr. Dmithri came on as the president. Then Russia began to cripple by the world’s financial crisis and Mr. Dmithri suggested Putin to return as

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