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PYC4811 Assignment 1- 657794 Student Number- 55560296 Community Psychology and Public Health’s Approaches to Social Problems Introduction Community Psychology and Public Health models both cover the same ground but with key differences in the explanation of causes and influences on mental illness. Community psychology has a primary focus on understanding, and working with, people in their wider social context. Public Health on the other hand is concerned with preventing disease and distress of all forms before they occur (Tutorial Letter 102 for PYC4811, 2015). It attempts through scientific investigation to understand such links between the socioenvironmental context and the individual and then to interrupt or otherwise…show more content…
Community psychology differs in that it believes the development of pathology is the result the oppressive socio/politico/economical structures and systems (Guernina, 1995). Pathology is the result of an individual being forced to survive in an environment of poverty and violence all of which lead to maladaptive behaviour developing in order to cope with these environments (Gilbert, 1995). Both public health and community psychology are each based on four different models. Public health concerns itself with the physical and tangible changes within the environment such as sanitation and hygiene and the regulation of the food industry as well as health services (Tutorial Letter 102 for PYC4811, 2015). In contrast community psychology concentrates mainly on the development of economic and psycho/social skills with the idea that by taking note of the effect of these social variables on development and growth, that competencies and coping skills can be developed and taught to help reduce the negative impact of these variables and promote positive coping behaviours (Seedat et al, 1988). Shortcomings and Strengths of the Models Both models have elements of strength and weakness. Strengths of using community psychology is that your research can be action-driven and can be planned to guide practices, policies and procedures to have a beneficial impact on people’s lives (Williams, 2015). By adopting multi-level perspectives on
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