Qantas Of The Largest Airline Companies Of Australia

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This report is on Qantas which is one of the largest airline companies of Australia. It is operating in more than48countries of the world. Qantas is admired by people for its safety, low fare, good and friendly crew. Qantas is providing quality service to its customers. Qantas is facing a few problems mainly due to its high cost and strong competition in the international market. The management of Qantas needs to work according to the international standards to cope up with the present day customer needs and requirements. Mostly the employees of Qantas are satisfied with its working environment, salary and other benefits. However, they need to develop their career. The services provided by Qantas to its passengers are good. The food, drinks, seating system, safety measures is highly admired by the people and they also appreciate to have a comfortable and safe journey at cheap price. Qantas is having a strong competition with other airlines especially Virgin which is also one of the airlines of Australia. They were having a dispute over some petty matters but now they have resolved their arguments. The government now is also offering their support to Qantas so that it can improve its profitability. 1 Introduction of Qantas: Qantas was founded in 1920 by Hudson fysh and McGinness in Queensland. Qantas is one of the best airlines in Australia which is providing both international and domestic services to the people. Because of its safety, perfect management, maintenance and
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