Qingdao Descriptive Essay

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ID:160120044 Name:Wang Xing-yu
The blue sea laps on the golden beach, white foam little silver shining in the sun, and sail distant seagull fly in the blue curtain draw a beautiful arc, with a hint of salty sea breeze blowing gently, as if the person into a fantasy world.This is my hometown - Qingdao. Qingdao is a mountain city, from a small fishing village at the beginning, development to today's modern city. Look! The dirt road once was narrow and broken now smooth and flat, shuttle vehicles stop, pedestrian and dirty once everything in good order and well arranged; the original pier now clean and advanced modern facilities and tall strong fishing each other; once behind and poverty in the village, built high buildings, modern information services to thousands of households., people's lives more comfortable and convenient, rich and colorful.
The beautiful Qingdao is located in the south of Shandong Peninsula, the terrain dominated by hills, side of the mountains, the sea on three sides, known as the Oriental Switzerland, sea pearl as well. Qingdao is a typical temperate monsoon climate, the winter without cold, summer without heat, the four seasons bright, Qingdao is a famous summer resort, the appropriate climate also gave birth to the unique landscape of Qingdao.
Qingdao is an Eastern Chinese coastal city located between latitude 35°35' to 37°09' and longitude 119°30' to 121'00. The city faces the Yellow Sea on the east and south. Facing North Korea, South Korea and

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