Qualitative Narrative Study

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Presently, diverse technology resources exist throughout the nation in a broad range of settings collectively across-the-board (Ruggiero & Mong, 2015). This qualitative narrative study could promote social change through technological transformations and media literacy within the instructional practice using technology as a tool in the learning process (Helms, 2014). In addition, technology alone has gained the attention of various educational and political leaders seeking to restore educational practices and technology development in K–12 curriculula (Blau & Peled, 2012).
In general, most K–12 academic settings today utilizes technology for educational and non-academic use (Helms, 2014). Researchers agree that budgeting can share a significant impact on classroom technology integration because many schools do not have the funds to pay for teacher training and all of the cost associated with maintaining technology resources (Blackwell, 2014; Chou et al., 2012; Helms, 2014). The lack of adequate technology training, support and funding can also influence teachers’ attitudes (Kirkwood et al, 2014). A gap appears to exit in empowering teachers with technology skills to implement an interactive learning experience for all learning styles (Helms, 2014). …show more content…

Without training and support, employing this process will be a problem for teachers to implement curriculum-based activities and apply technology as hands-on learning resources (Blackwell, 2014). Therefore, the implementation of technology as learning-aids within the academic setting necessitates differentiation of what learners are able to do and what the teachers need to do for learners (Helms, 2014). Not many studies are available that examined teachers’ attitudes towards implementing technology as learning-aids in tandem with classroom

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