The Impact Of Computer Integrated Technology On The Classroom

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Researchers, since the time technology was introduced into the classroom some twenty one years ago, are still immersed into investigating technology for in-class value and validity. Studying the effects of computer integrated technology and its usage, as well as whether teachers are accepting this tool and it being validated in the classroom is still being researched. To demonstrate some of the research that is occurring, a comparison of these two research venues will transpire, one qualitative research, the other quantitative research. These will denote each ones advantage over the other, the qualitative article on Technology Integration and Use in Classrooms versus the article on Meeting the “Digital Natives.” Through the presentation of …show more content…

In particular, the results of the research will give an enhanced understanding of student learners and help provide proper classroom technology products. This research tactic used observational measures collecting measurable data and a factual analysis.

Link research to relevant theory
Uniquely, both articles explored prior theories on their researched topic to find information which was explored and analyze it to extend their research options. Moreover, the qualitative article refers to several articles that relate and have information relevant to their study. Within the references that they utilize, they find an area where more information can be helpful for others in the classroom scenario regarding technology utilization. Correspondingly, the quantitative article explores prior research finding as well. Their results are analyzed and conclusions are drawn that refer to all the data inclusively. Then, they set out explore a more throughout investigation on how to utilize the technology in the classroom to best assist the teacher.

Use methods that permit direct investigation of the question
Research questions from the qualitative standpoint were answered through a data collection course from interview style of open ended questions. These answers were then interpreted and informed judgments were concluded. In distinction, the quantitative

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