Quality Assurance ( Qa )

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15. Organizational Quality Infrastructure
• Carrying out improvements necessary to meet standards of quality are a major task within an organization. Quality should involve incremental improvement and Current performance must be measured to establish a baseline to determine whether criteria for improvement was met A process should also be in place which continuously monitors areas of improvement on a routine basis which will determine whether improvement has occurred. For a system to succeed it must address areas such as infrastructure, data collection, data reporting, data analysis, and a process capable of identifying potential shortfalls (Joshi, Ransom, Nash, & Ransom, 2014).

• There are four areas within the Quality Management Cycle necessary to achieve desired results. Quality assurance (QA) encompasses operational and strategic planning including self-evaluation and pre-assessment. This process ensures that standards and regulation are met through the development of methods that will help to ensure compliance. This process will require the establishment and communication of standards and identifying the necessary metrics which will allow the monitoring of performance as well as standards compliance. Quality improvement (QI), is the part of the process that helps to identify areas in which opportunities for improvement can be made. Gaps are then prioritized and analyzed in order to develop a course of action that can address said shortfall. Monitoring/quality
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