Quality Education Critical For Advancement Of Informal Leadership

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Quality Education Critical for Advancement of Informal Leadership
Most people perceive leadership only in terms of positions of power, where they can exert their influence in either achieving their personalized desires or making things done their way. However, there are other forms of leadership, which invaluably lead to not only personal, but also organizational and national progress. Consider expertise as a guide to venturing into leadership. One is able to influence change anywhere only through acquiring superior skills, which could be applied in a vocation or profession.
Another excellent example is moral authority. People who are honest, trustworthy and thus believable tend to positively create their own sphere of influence, not only …show more content…

The massive unemployment then must have been an indication of a bigger problem, as we have now come to learn.
The results for the Kenya certificate of Secondary Education for 2016 (KSCE) seem to have revealed the genesis of the unemployment and unemployabilty challenges. There is no way that students with poor or compromised grades would end up becoming better during their university education, or thereafter in life. Further, no amount of education or certificates can improve their chances of being productive in the future. It is like feeding a Boran cow with daily bran and expecting it to increase the milk yield.
Meanwhile, the principles of Total Quality Management (TQM) advocate a concept termed as Quality First Deployment (QFD). It is about ensuring quality input during the initial stages of the production process. In the school system context, it means admitting only the best students for university education. When this condition is observed, it is highly likely that only a few of the best students will end up becoming mediocre along the education path and thereafter. The converse is also true. When we feed the university education system with students who have benefited from leaked examinations, continued mediocrity in the economy and entire national spectrum is guaranteed.
Thus, based on the Kenya Certificate of Secondary education (KCSE) results for last year, it’s clearly evident that innumerable students with compromised grades have been

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