Quality Improvement

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Quality Improvement
Jolene Williams
University of Phoenix

Quality Improvement The equipment department of Washington Group International has a large task of purchasing, maintaining, tracking, transporting and selling of all large company equipment of more than $5,000. While all of these processes are manual intensive and can be improved upon, this paper will address the maintenance process. Included with a "As-Is" flow chart will be a process relationship, customer impact, key items to be monitored, helpful quality management tools, and opportunities for improvement. Finally, proposed improvements, level of improvement, and relevance to UOP simulation will be discussed.
Currently, the maintenance process of
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This will lead to a decreased down time of equipment.
Quality Management Tool Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEA) would be a good tool for collecting and presenting data on this process. An FMEA is a process that helps to identify the possible failure modes of a process or product. This determines the effect on related sub-items and on the function of the product or process (Enterprise Solutions Competency Center, 2006).
Improvement Opportunities An FMEA would show how all the pieces of the process effects the other pieces of the process. The analysis would show how the data tracking of the meter readings would benefit the maintenance process and allow for predictive measures and forecasting. The tracking of the meter readings allows for a predictive maintenance schedule to be produced and followed. Once on a predictive maintenance schedule, equipment is taken care of and remains in operating condition. A maintenance schedule also helps to retain the resale value of equipment. By having a predictive mode and forecasting repairs, much last minute scrambling and money will be saved.
Proposed Improvements The new process would go as follows.
• Meter readings are to be taken at the end of each shift and turned in to the office clerk.
• Office clerk is to compile all readings and fax or email daily to the equipment department for data entry and tracking.
• Database will track and set up
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