Quality Of Life As A Good Life

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Quality of life (QOL) means a good life and we believe that a good life is the same as living a life with a high quality. This may seem evident, but it is necessary to make such a simple clarification, because medical jargon often uses very narrow concepts of the quality of life (for example, side effect profiles). Medical advertisements often depict the quality of life as one factor among many, on a par with other improvements that a certain medical product promises. In this work, the quality of life belongs on the highest, most common level of life. All great religions and philosophies have a notion of a good life ranging from saying that a good life is attained by practical codes of conduct to requests to engage in a certain positive …show more content…

The objective quality of life reveals itself in a person’s ability to adapt to the values of a culture and tells us little about that person’s life. Examples may be social status or the status symbols one should have to be a good member of that culture. (Objective is used here in the sense of nonsubjective or objective facts. Nonsubjective is concerned with the external and easily established conditions of life that many observers can rate identically.) The notion of a good life can be observed from subjective to the objective, where this spectrum incorporates a number of existing quality of life theories. We call this spectrum the integrative quality-of-life (IQOL) theory and discuss the following aspects in this paper: well-being, satisfaction with life, happiness, meaning in life, the biological information system (“balance”), realizing life potential, fulfillment of needs, and objective factors. Well Being: The most natural aspect of the subjective quality of life is well being. The quality of life is seen here in terms of an assessment of one’s own quality of life. When we meet other people, we always say, "How are you? or "How’s life?" We are thus asking that person to give us an evaluation of their quality of life. Satisfaction with Life: When people are asked whether they are satisfied with life, they often say that something or other is amiss. People are usually less satisfied with life than their state of well-being would

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