Quality Theory and Companies Who Have Applied It

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He believed that managers should drive out any fear employees have of identifying quality problems, and that numerical quotas should be eliminated.
"14 Points." are principles that help guide companies in achieving quality improvement. The principles are founded on the idea that upper management must develop a commitment to quality and provide a system to support this commitment that involves all employees and suppliers.

Deming stressed that quality improvements cannot happen without organizational change that comes from upper management. Consistent and unified purpose is one of the keys to achieving smooth production of service and proper dissemination of tools and processes along the whole labor helps hit the set goals. Identify procedures and perceptions that affect market sales through reviews and open communication with customers and clients.
Ford Motor Company. Microsoft.
Resistance to change or cultural resistance is the result of the lack of quality management within a company. Without change waste will be constant, during change there will be increased costs, after…
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