Quantitative Research Vs. Qualitative Research

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Within research there are two categories of ways in which you can conduct your study and present you findings. A researcher can either use qualitative research or quantitative research. Qualitative research is more descriptive and narrative in nature than quantitative and uses words and classifications to tell about a situation or subject. Conversely, quantitative research is more concerned with numbers and statistics found. Many different types of research questions can be answered by quantitative research including “What is something?”, “Could there be a correlation between these phenomenon?”, or “Does A cause B to happen?”. A researcher attempting to answer these types of questions could use surveys or experiments to collect data. Then …show more content…

Moody’s chapters include Problem Statement, Literature Review, Methodology, Results, and Discussion/Conclusion. In her appendices she included all of her approval letters and consent forms such as her approval letter from the IRB. The author’s two tables include a table on her descriptive statistics and her regression results. Moody explains the problem of form-blindness for fingerprint examiners and then explains that her purpose is “to demonstrate the applicability of form-blindness testing in forensic science laboratory arenas by validating a form-blindness exam already being administered” (Moody, 2016). She also examined other variables including eyesight, training, and age to ascertain whether or not these factors had any impact on possible aptitude of the subject taking the test. The researcher found that variables such as age, GPA, major, vision, and dyslexia had no effect on how the subject performed on the test. However, the sex of the subject and the use of medication were found to have a statistically significant effect on performance (Moody, 2016). The second honors thesis that I read was “Exploring the Perception Towards Enhancing Credentials by Certification of Latent Fingerprint Examiners in the Southern United States” by Christopher Brewer. This particular thesis is 25 pages with 6 chapters, a works cited, and appendices. This thesis was done in MLA format and uses a survey. Brewer’s chapters include Introduction, Literature Review,

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