Examine the Fields of Qualitative and Quantitative Research and the Advantages and Limitation of Each Paradigm.

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There has probably been more energy spent on debating the difference, advantages and limitations between qualitative and quantitative research methods, it can be said that this issue has been debated to death with many spending years proving which methods is the best.
Qualitative and quantitative researches are the two basic research categories which are used in psychology, with both these type of research having advantages and best limitations to their use in researching.
For quite a while there has been some discussion around which method of distinctions between Qualitative research and quantitative research. This has been fired in later years with some thinking that a combination of the two is best practice especially in social …show more content…

This is a good example of this type of research has it outcome of this research depends on the observation on what Pavlov observed this is the main focus of this method. Another example of quantitative research is the Stanford prison experiment where the researchers observed a group of students that volunteered for this experiment when put in a made up prison, even though the experiment was shut down the outcomes of this research was still depending on what the researcher observed.
Qualitative research key characteristics are the researcher immerse her/himself in the setting, contexts of inquiry are not contrived they are natural, want the subjects to speak for themselves, attend to the experience as a what not as separate variables, these is no one general method, the process entail appraisal about what was studied and it implies a direct concern with expertise as it is lived or felt or undergone (Hughes, 2006)
The limitations of qualitative research is validity or

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