Queen B. The Most Popular Women Singers Of All Time

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Queen B Queen B is one of the most popular women singers of all time. While growing up she has been taught by her daddy to always deal with her problems with a gun and to fight for her rights and not let anyone mess with her neither her family. Which is mentioned in her song “Daddy Lessons” which also states that “Daddy made me fight, it wasn 't always right, but he said, "Girl, it 's your second amendment.” As a child growing up until she became a very mature lady she has gone through a lot of disappointments in life which has brought her to where she is now in life. She has been taught to let her light shine and just like a soldier come out stronger. She is a very strong lady that kind of represents her as a goddess. Her album’s name …show more content…

She has always wanted to be the one in the spotlight and the only one that is the best out of all women singers. Don’t you think by looking at her videos you can instantly tell how she has such high thoughts about herself? She is capable of acknowledging her power and believing that her voice will be heard no matter what and she can change the world. From my understanding Beyonce in the song “Formation” mentions that, she didn’t come with be basic like other girls and not mean what she says, but she came to slay, take the throne and change the way people view Black women. Which was pointed out in Zandria’s Article which says, “[She] did not come to play with you hoes. [She] came to slay, bitch” (Par. 1). In her performances she tries to be as real as possible forgetting to choose something that will be better for show and entertainment, but chooses to sing about her personal problems that she has faced over the years. She’s truly a goddess of all singers. The reasoning behind why queen B is a goddess in everyway is that after all that she has gone through in her personal life, the disappointments and war she has been with herself for when her husband had an affair with another lady she still stayed strong and made her light shine. With her dropping the album “Lemonade” she stood up not only for herself, but for all the Black Women who has been put down for many years by people and mostly by men. Even while growing up she was

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