Essay on Queen Elizabeth I

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Elizabeth I       King Henry VIII wanted a son. He had been married for seventeen long years and had only been given a daughter named Mary. Someday one of his children would rule England and it was supposed to be a boy. Henry decided he wanted a younger wife who could bear many children, so he formed his own church and re-married Anne Boleyn. This began the life of Elizabeth.      Elizabeth was born on Sunday, September 7th 1533 at three o’ clock in the afternoon. To the King, Anne seemed unable to have any more children. She became pregnant three more times after Elizabeth, only to lose the baby. When Elizabeth was three years old her mother was beheaded for treason and adultery.…show more content…
He served Elizabeth for forty years, and when he died at the age of seventy-eight, his son Robert took his place. Elizabeth planned to return to the Protestant Church of England. She didn’t really care what people believed as long as they attended church every now and then. Elizabeth had many suitors: Philip II of Spain, Archduke Charles of Austria, Eric XIV of Sweden, the Duke of Alencon, and many others including some Englishmen. Every one expected her to marry so that there would be an heir to the throne. Others thought she would marry to have a man to take care of things that were seen fit for a man. She never said no to the men but she never said yes either. She would only say "maybe." She did this to gain time, alliances and influence with other countries. As long as she was single no one could tell her how to run her country. Elizabeth was in love with Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester. Dudley wasn’t important enough to marry a Queen and he already had a wife. Elizabeth and Dudley were life long friends, and he loved and served her for thirty years. When Elizabeth was twenty-nine, she became very sick with smallpox. All of her councilors were very worried and upset. If Elizabeth were to die anyone related to royal family could take over the throne. That could mean a civil war. When Elizabeth was well they begged her to marry and give England an heir to
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