Queer Theory And Radical Theory

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Throughout the beginning of the course students have obtained a wide variety of new vocabulary, including many concepts and theories. Within this paper I will be discussing the following: gender, transgender, transsexual, sexism, four axioms of masculinity, and gender based harassment. I have focused on the following six terms because they all focus on sexuality and gender and how they differ throughout the expression and biology of oneself. All of these terms relate to the freedom of choice and allowing people to be their authentic self while also including some limitations that people have put on them for not conforming to heterosexual norms. I also have focused on the following two feminist theories: Queer Theory and Radical Theory. Both these theories helped to pull all six of my concepts together to be analyzed while also dividing them by allowing people to be themselves both biologically and by expression but also tying in the negativity that these people face every day for choosing to live their lives how they want.
Working Definition: Gender is a way of describing individuals as either male or female while disregarding their actual biological sex. Gender is a performance of oneself and how one decides to act. This is done on an individual level following the preferences of oneself.
Significance: This concept is important to completely comprehend because it helps to separate the meanings of gender and sex, which are often confused for one another. It is known…

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