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3 September 2017 Kayla Salgado Gr 11.
10 Question Interview.

Tom Hooper’s film career began at the tender age of thirteen, when he filmed Runaway Dog. He later produced episodes of U.K. series, Byker Grove (1989) and Eastenders (1985). Hooper is of English and Australian descent and became one of the most in demand directors, after receiving an Academy Award and a Directors Guild of America Award for Directing The King’s Speech (2010). The film is a historical biopic of King George VI who suffered with a stammer. Lionel Logue, an Australian speech therapist, helped the King, whose nickname was Bertie, rise above his speech defect. ( The King’s Speech …show more content…

Why was the King’s Speech so inspiring to you and why?
Well I do come from British and Australian descent. My mum told me about King George when I was a boy. I felt I had a connection with the script because my grandad died in World War II.

7. Were there certain qualities of The King’s Speech that you liked and wanted to highlight?
There were so many things I loved. I wanted to show the development of Bertie and Lionel’s relationship using different techniques. Lionel began to call George Bertie instead of Your Highness, they were filmed in the same frame which represents the friendship between them and they started to share personal information about themselves.

8. Music affects the overall atmosphere and mood within the audience. How did the music play a role throughout the film?
The music played a huge role in the movie. I felt like the music and the colours had to work together. When the colours were dark then the music had to sound negative as well. When something positive happened the colours and music were bright and positive.

9. Which was the hardest character to film in The King’s Speech? …show more content…

I wanted to show him as a villain who the viewers disliked. He constantly belittled Bertie and did not agree with Lionel’s medical practices.

10. Films develop dramatically during the editing process. Did you achieve what you desired in the editing process of the film?
I think I did, the movie did win numerous awards. In the editing process everything came together so well and I was very happy with the outcome of the

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