Questions About Morality and Religion in Rapture Practice by Aaron Hartzler

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Throughout the story of Rapture Practice many questions about religion and morality arise. As Aaron Hartzler, raised as a dedicated baptist since birth, matures, he discovers that his views differ from his parent’s and his church, and he struggles to come to terms with his beliefs. By finding a way to experience life outside of the house, Aaron realizes that religion does not necessarily make you an incorruptible person. How do religion and morality play into the themes of Rapture Practice?
When Aaron is young, there is absolutely no doubt in his little mind that everything is just as his parents tell him. All children believe this, of course. It’s just natural instinct to trust your parents to lead you down the right pathway. …show more content…

Aaron has always been taught that from the beginning, as soon as you are born, God already knows His final plan for you. The thing is, he wonders, why does it even matter what choices we make on earth if God already knows whether he’s going to send us to heaven or hell? The bible says that if you know God, and you love God, you will go to heaven. So why then, does it even matter how angelic you think you are on earth if He’s already decided that He will send you to heaven? Why not commit every earthly sin imaginable as long as you repent in the end and turn to God in search of love at your death, knowing that then you will end up in heaven? “But apparently Ted Burgundy will be in heaven because he asked Jesus into his heart after he raped and killed thirty women-at least.” (Hartzler, 232). Aaron is mystified by why the mass murderer is going to end up in heaven when he had raped and murdered an estimated 100 women, while innocent children from the jungle will go to hell just because no one ever told them about God. Is it really a just God that sentences hundreds of innocent people to hell when it is out of their control whether or not they deserved it? God is supposed to love all of his people, yet He creates souls knowing in the end that they will be damned to hell no matter how kind or loving they are. In the end, it’s all about God. It doesn’t matter if you devote your entire life, all of your money and time, to the poor

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