Questions On English Language Learners Essay

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Context: This is a beginning English language ESL course which focuses on the four skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) in English language learning. This beginning course provides instruction in English for everyday life. Students enrolling in this course should, at the time of entry, be able to show adequacy in 1. basic communication in English; 2. follow simple directions in English; 3. respond to simple requests in English. This course emphasizes the development of English speaking skills that enable students to be engaged citizens. This is a 2 hour class which meets twice a week on Monday and Wednesday, from 6pm-8pm. All students are L2 English language learners. Students ages range from 19-22. There are 20 students enrolled in the class. We are in the fourth week of a ten week course. All students are able to speak and communicate in English. The students have already read the “Coming to North America Case Study.” This is the third lesson for this case study, and it includes three activities. The students were introduced to Voice Thread and created logins for the tool during the last class meeting. Goals: Students will listen, speak, communicate and interact using Voice Thread. Skills Focus: Top-down processing, speaking, listening, communicative competence, and interaction. Objectives: Terminal objectives: Students will voice-record sentences in English. Students will develop speaking and listening skills. Students will
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