Questions On Four Things Can Restrict Creativity : Evaluation, Rewards, Competition, And Constraints Essay

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SaDale Richards
Exam 2

1. Amabile theorized that four things can restrict creativity: evaluation, rewards, competition, and constraints. Describe why each of these might affect the creative process and give one specific example to illustrate each of the four restrictions. (4 points)
Evaluation: people tend to show less of their creative abilities when they know an evaluation will take place. EX. Carol knows her teacher is strict so she doesn’t add a lot of glitter to her art project, to avoid a negative evaluation.
Rewards: people tend to show less creativity when they know they’ll receive an award for it. Ex. Dominique received an award last year for an science experiment, so he does the same experiment knowing he’ll receive one again.
Competition: When there is competition people tend to show less creativity. Ex. Johnathan doesn’t try his best to carve his pumpkin well, because he knows Ashley has won two years in a row.
Constraints: When there is rules restricting what a person can and can’t do, people tend to show less of their creative ability. Ex. The art teacher assigned an art project requiring the class to draw a picture of fruit without using color pencils, just markers. Jack knows the color pencils will produce a much neater picture, but he uses markers because of the rules.

2. Describe the differences between intelligence and cognition. (2 points)
Cognition is the way people take in information and combine it while intelligence is the way people take in

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