Questions On Job Seekers Nervous

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This question makes many job seekers nervous. As soon as the interviewer asks it, you can almost hear the applicant thinking: “I don’t want to overprice myself, but I would also like to make a decent wage–more than I was making. But I don’t want to lose the opportunity. I really like the company; I see opportunity here. Maybe if I start out low, I would be a more attractive candidate. I could work my salary up later. But I do have bills to pay. I don’t know what to say. Well, here’s a word of advice: Don’t talk about money and benefits. Let the employer talk about that. You have no leverage during a job interview to negotiate salary or anything else. And you won’t have leverage to negotiate until the employer offers you the job. That tells you that the employer actually wants you. Until then, however, your potential salary and company benefits are completely academic. So again, don’t talk about money. You might give the impression that a paycheck is the only thing that interests you. Give that impression and you will probably lose the job opportunity. “Then what should I say?” you ask. Try this: “My salary is negotiable. I would expect to be paid the same salary as any other employee who has the same experience, training, and responsibilities. But tell me, what is the wage range for this position?” This answer avoids the dollar amount of your salary by tacking it to the current market price for the skills you possess. And that’s what employers want to

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