Questions On Organizational Communication Concepts Essay

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1. The movie I chose for this assignment is “The Terminal.”
2 Three Organizational Communication Concepts:
Organizational Cultural Elements: According to Keyton (n.d.), organizational culture is defined as “the set of artifacts, values and assumptions that emerges from the interactions of organizational members” (p. 550). Some examples of artifacts and values include, norms, customs, how members should behave, and assumptions are revealed when talking about your work experiences. The culture of an organization can be simply what it feels like to be there (Keyton, n.d.). Every culture is dynamic, always changing and guides the construction of reality in a social community. There are 7 elements of culture which include metaphors, rituals, stories, artifacts, heroes and heroines, performances and values (class notes, Oct. 25). In the movie “The Terminal” the culture is constantly changing and when Viktor Navorski arrives, just his presence and the things he does changes the culture of the terminal and those people that he comes in contact with. One element is artifacts, this can include how he gathers the carts and puts them back to get the quarters. When I think of artifacts I think of how he remodeled the space where he is living; gate 67. He added a plant and a wheel chair with a blanket and made his space his home. He made one area like a restaurant when he had dinner with Amelia. The restaurants, stores, customs office etc. are all elements of artifacts. In the movie

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