Questions On Reading Assessment On Students Reading Behaviors, Determining Reading Level, And Assess Students ' Progress

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Chapter two summary talks about the purpose of reading assessment which there three; identifying the students reading behaviors, determining reading level, and assess students’ progress. When you’re a good reader you don’t realize the different ways you read different genre or material like a story versus informational text and how both are different methods of comprehension, questioning, and vocabulary. Another part of reading good readers don’t know about is that we exhibit a variety of behaviors like building their lexicon, making inferences and determining which information is important. The purpose of reading assessment is to assess the reader’s level. The common assessment is testing the student’s ability to read and comprehend text at different grade levels. Another way of knowing the student has a reading problem is when they are able to read their own grade level text but instead a lower level text, Besides that they are put into three levels of reading; instructional level, independent level, and frustration level. When determining the students reading level so many factors comes into play and as teachers we need to know. Chapter three compares the two types of assessments formal and informal assessments. Formal assessment is already made and has instructions as to how to assess the individual for example in reading; fluency, comprehension, and knowledge of vocabulary. Informal assessments are done by the teachers and are used to grade the individual.
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