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At the beginning of this semester, I hoped to know what the college writing was like and learn more information about science and technology. I want to improve my reading skills to read faster and more precise. Also, I hoped to know how to use the library to find resources, which is the best way to paraphrase and the formal citation style. Lastly, I hoped I could be a better writer at the end of this semester and build a good foundation for the future writing. During this semester, I have completed four projects and lots of class work. The topic of the first project is Technological Learning Narrative. I wrote the particular memoir to share my stories and understanding about science and technology from my daily life in the Project 1. The topic of the second project is Cultural Artifact Analysis. I choose to write chopsticks on this project because I want to explore the Chinese culture by analyzing the chopsticks. The third topic that took me the most time and effort is Disciplinary Literacies. I discussed the literacy skills of lawyer career in that essay because there are many motives for exploring the legal profession and law itself before actually entering law school. The discussion on law seek to understand the application of reading, writing and information sharing as key competencies of a career in law. The fourth project is a group project and our group did a remix video about the development of the camera.
There are lots of steps before I finished a final essay. At
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