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2.0 Technical Requirements
One of the deliverables for the Blue Garden Hotel Grand is the hiring of a Marketing/PR firm. The estimated cost is $45,000 for this contract. In responding to this proposal, each bidder will need to include, at a minimum, a Business/Technical Proposal which meets the mandatory requirements outlined below.
2.1 Scope of Work
The selected Marketing/PR firm, will be responsible for managing all aspects of marketing and public relations for the Blue Garden Hotel Grand opening. The selected Marketing/PR firm will be responsible for the following project components:

Public Relations
• Developing the guest list
• Contacting guests to collect names, addresses and any special requirements for the dinner (e.g. dietary restrictions, food allergies, religious requirements)
• Developing a database to track names, addresses email addresses, phone numbers and notes.
• Preparing the talking points for the host and all presenters at the event
• Producing invitations
• Determining the design, style and paper choice of the invitations
• Selecting the printer
• Determining how the invitation will be delivered
• Managing the responses from the guests
Ticket sales management
• Designing the tickets which includes the logo, colours and style
• Working with the Blue Garden Hotel project management team to determine ticket pricing
• Establishing a payment system that allows for tickets to be sold online
• Managing ticket inventory including early ticket

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