Questions On The Physical Appearance

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1) Our physical appearance communicates nonverbally how professional we are. Dressing professionally gives the perception of increased status, competence or knowledge, trustworthiness, and the ability to influence others. Adorning artifacts signals to others our style and our unique sense of self. Although, too many artifacts for a professional woman could give the wrong impression. Acceptable jewelry for women are button earrings, chain chokers, and necklaces; however, these are less acceptable for men. Our vocalics which includes pitch, rate, and volume help us mean what we say. If an employee is frustrated, their vocalics will reveal the emotion to the supervisor. For gestures and body movement, we use emblems, illustrators, and regulators. Emblems have direct verbal translations. Holding your hand up with the palm facing someone translated verbally is “stop.” Illustrators complement the verbal message by clarifying or intensifying your message such as pointing with your finger in the direction while verbally giving the directions. Facial expressions, including the eyes, convey emotions. When we are angry, sad, or happy, our face will show it. Eye contact of 60 to 70 percent can also improve your effectiveness as a leader or project self-esteem and trustworthiness. Maintaining the appropriate proximity of others expresses our respect for them and how familiar we are with them. We allow close friends and family in our personal space; however, for professional
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