Questions on Mining Companies

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The Government suing any mining companies involved (those that employed miners who were trapped) to re-coup the cost it spent on rescuing the miners and for their after-care. 1) Which mining company (or companies) really should or verifiably do share blame for this tragedy? (it could have been one company's actions that caused the tragedy) 2) Do all of the mining companies involved share an equal stake or level of involvement in the mining operations (suing all companies equally when they do not have an equal level of involvement is not fair) 3) What mining company did the trapped workers work for? (need to know how many people worked for each mining company"¦.the distribution is probably not equal"¦and that would matter) 4) Was the disaster due to human neglect or some sort of freak accident or natural event? (If the disaster was caused by a lightning-induced blast, for example, then the mining company could not have reasonably prevented the entrapment). 5) Does the government take this action in other related events or do they pick and choose (if they are not treating other situations the same, that would undermine their motives) 6) Who would measure the costs involved and what would/would not be included? (Need to know if they're including pain and suffering measures or if it's true costs realized) 7) Did the government allocate its resources fairly and evenly or did they waste a lot of money (if money is due, it should be based on good, and not wasteful, spending.
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