Questions on Slavery Pattern in America

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1. Slavery pattern in North America took a funny trend since initially the blacks had some social positions and had a voice in the running of the community. This however later changed and the North also started to own slaves at a higher rate. There are several factors that led to this change in events in the north that made it to fancy slavery just as much as the South was with its plantations. It is worth noting the background of the slavery trend in order to fully comprehend the drastic shift in slavery from the class servitude to racial slavery which was predominantly in the late 17th century and early 18th century. The black laborers and white laborers from the working class used to work on the same level and the Europeans used to be allowed to have slaves from the non-Christians population regardless of the color. The class determined the servitude. Any servant who broke his contract terms was punished regardless of the race. At the end of the slavery time, they used to be give freedom dues and let go. States like Virginia had such policies implemented very strictly in the 1625s leading to 1670s. It was during the 1670 that the trend began to change against the black slaves. The freed slaves had the right to get some piece of land as a freedom token. The tricky part with this was that as more and more slaves were released, the pressure on the land grew and they ultimately posed a danger to the land that belonged to the elite white settlers. Conflict started to
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