Quotes From A Farewell To Arms

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I write with vast resentment that the Enemy has done it again. He has slithered his way into young Alistair's thoughts corrupting him, training him to use the skill of being "irresistible" and being "ruled by the word" but don't fret my dear Anguis this shan't be permanent. For now, keep and eye on young Alistair. Regrettably, at this moment in time his gaze is fixated on the enemy but be patient beloved Anguis soon we shall avert and fixate his gaze and spirit on our Father below. Unbeknown to the patient our presence is eternal we only leave once the patient fully yields to our Father below. (105) I trust that you have been slowly embedding people around him to influence him in the right direction. No more of this youth group malarky instead surround him with those whom will test him to explore boundaries, boundaries the Enemy would detest him exploring. The Enemy has…show more content…
Sex was meant as a good thing one can share with their husband or wife. Despite this, after years and years of corrupting them, society has become more and more accepting of Monogamy vs Abstinence (93) even in some churches. I trust that you have to lead your patient to believe that pleasuring himself is not sinful and corrupted him into believing he is not sinning. I need a full report on the "perfect girl" he has in mind. Time to switch gears you have been implanting into his adolescent mind unrealistic women to fantasize over creating false idolization of women that are aesthetically perfect to him neglecting the intellectual or spiritual aspect of companionship commonly found in marriage. By doing this you slowly caused young Alistair to not lust for a wife but a one night. The reason why you have slowly done these deeds is the act of corrupt is a marathon, not a sprint dear Anguis. Go too quickly and the patient becomes aware of your presence and may attempt to seek forgiveness from the
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