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human resources management and development

There are a variety of ways to approach the management of human resources in an organisation. Nevertheless, any approach fits within the continuum between the broad approaches of “hard” and “soft” (J. Riley, 2012). That is, the human resource management approach in an organisation tends to adopt elements of both the “soft” and “hard” approaches. (Armstrong, M., 2009). Whatever the approach taken in an organisation, the human resource management function has to be in line with an organisation’s strategic goals.
Put concisely, the “soft” approach focuses on the needs of employees. That is, their commitment, participation, training, and …show more content…

People are motivated to achieve certain goals and will be satisfied if they achieve these goals through improved performance. Reward by extrinsic recognition or an intrinsic sense of achievement may also increase job satisfaction (Armstrong, M., 2009)

Employees satisfaction at work greatly depends on their socail relations. Therefore, job satisfaction is largely physcological. In addition, within organisations where employee involvement is common it is more likley that there will be higher levels of employees satisfaction and motivation than the ones where it is not (Senyucel, Z., 2009). Other aspects that affect job satisfaction include motivating factors and the quality of supervision. Among others, an organisation’s social relations, degrees of employee involvement, employee motivation and supervision policies are all determined by the adopted human resource management approach. Consequently, job satisfaction is one of the factors that can be assessed in order to review the approach taken on by an organisation.
The degree to which employees are satisfied with their job and the adopted human resource management policies and practices can be measured by attitude surveys, levels of attrition, and absenteeism.

Organisation policies
Policies are guidelines of organisational tasks (Senyucel, Z., 2009). Organisation policies establish all aspects concerning the employment, development and

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