Raboffi And Revolution Essay

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Raffi and Revolution Since 16th century Armenia went through many literary periods that reflected socio-political and economical situation of Armenian. Raffi, one of the best authors of the 19th centaury, is considered one of the scholars of the Armenian awakening movement. Whether he was or not, no one can doubt that Raffi was a unique and a genius author. He traveled almost all Armenian providences in Persia and Turkey, so he was able to interpret the need of the Armenians and collected literary ideas for his work. Raffi was from the people and for the people. The beginning of his literary career dates to the late 1850s. Later, Krikor Ardzruni appointed him as the editor of the “Mshag” Newspaper. The end of the 19th century became the period where Raffi hit his …show more content…

There has been doubt that Raffi wanted to be a movement leader; however, Raffi’s detailed and rich works, specifically “Samuel” and “the fool”, made me feel that he considered becoming a movement leader because he was clearly drawing an outline for the ideology of future Armenia. Raffi, according to About Murad Meneshian, inspired many of the founders of the political parties such as ARF’s Krisdapor Mekalian; nevertheless, Raffi was not a member of any of the growing political parties of Western Armenia. On the other hand, Meneshian believes there is evidence that Raffi cooperated with Pashpan Hayreniats, a society the purpose of which was arming the inhabitants for defense against any future attacks by Turks, Kurds, and Circassians. It is also believed that the society’s emblem and oath “Azatutiun Gam Mah” (Liberty or Death) was created by Raffi and Arstruni. In short, it is unclear that Raffi was a leader of a movement, but there is no doubt that Raffi was a reason and motivator to the awaking of the patriotic soul of many Armenians citizens and

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