Race And Poverty Factor Into The Aging Process

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Race and poverty factor into the aging process in several ways. First, there is a growing number of minority older population in America (158). This growth will continue to rise in the future. As a result, the United States of America will have a diverse older population. Secondly, many older minority groups face disadvantages. These disadvantages are due to discrimination they have faced throughout their life. Furthermore, cultural and economic barriers can keep older minority people from a satisfying old age. Novak also stated, “Minority older people have lower incomes, poorer health, and shorter lives than other older people (160). Also, the people who are classified in the minority groups, experience aging different than the dominant white people do, due to their past. Lastly, the minority group members can teach us other ways of growing old. This means that they will show us how they grow old in their societies and communities. These minority groups have demonstrated strength and stability in an ever changing world, even when they felt prejudice and discrimination from others.
Poverty defintly factors into the aging process. According to Novak, “Research has found that early life experiences influence health in later life (103).” Therefore, low socioeconomic status can lead to destructive behavior. People with a low socioeconomic status tend to smoke, remain physically inactive, and abuse drugs and alcohol. Therefore, they face many health issues later on in life.
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