Race And The Eugenics Movement

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Race matters! Race has been probably the most dominating factor beneath the eugenics movement and the pseudo scientific experiments the Europeans physicians and scientists conducted on people of African origin and other races since the 18th century. The foundation for these studies can be associated with ancient Greece, the roots of today’s western values of knowledge, civilized, and democracy which are considered to be the basis for human development. Similarly to today’s Europeans, Ancient Europeans mustered enormous armies and naval forces that conquered and destroyed more advanced civilizations in the Near East, Asia Minor and Africa during which they destroyed records and stole ideas from the conquered people. Hence, the Europeans rewrote the history books to advance their concept of race superiority, which have been essential in the Atlantic world for the last five hundred years.

An important attribute to the race superiority theory is the creation of Christianity. The notion that Christ came to same humanity and the Christianity God is more powerful than the gods of the other civilizations is unfathomable. The question that should be posed at this juncture is what was humanity’s crisis, who were being victimized and by whom? This idea appeared to be an attempt by Europeans to promote that they are the chosen people who the creator bestowed upon superior knowledge and the arts of reason. This is a flawed assumption since more advanced civilizations long existed…

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